About me

Who I Am

I'm a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley studying astrophysics. I'm interested in studying supernovae from both an observational and theoretical perspective. Recently, I've worked on determining when Betelgeuse will explode, exploring asteroseismology in red giants, and using core-collapse supernovae for cosmology to measure the Hubble constant. 

When not doing astrophysics, I focus my efforts on advocating for women's health. I am BRCA2 positive, which puts me at high risk for breast cancer (87%), ovarian cancer (30%), and several other cancers. To lower my risk of breast cancer, I recently had a prophylactic (preventative) double mastectomy and reconstruction.

I'm extremely passionate about communicating science, whether it be about breast cancer or exploding stars. You can find my sci-comm on my Instagram and Twitter.