Surgery Gear Checklist


Neck Pillow

Best for car rides and sitting up in bed.

Recommendation: Therapedic U-Neck Pillow


Wedge Pillow

Best for lying in bed to relax and sleep.

Recommendation: Abco Tech Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory-Foam Top


Pregnancy Pillow

Best for lying in bed to sleep, especially in combination with the wedge pillow.

Recommendation: Queen Rose Luxury Long U-Shaped Pillow (Long)


Heart Pillows

Best for sitting up in bed and elevating your arms/drains. Get 2 to make sure both sides are even.

Recommendation: Axillapilla



I lived in my robe after surgery. So helpful to get one with pockets to stick your drains into, as well as one that's super soft on your skin!
Recommendation: Lunya Washable Silk Robe


Loose sweatpants/joggers

Wore these to the hospital for all of my surgeries, and whenever I'd leave the house post-surgery. Good pockets are essential for holding drains, too.

Recommendation: Vuori Performance Jogger


Button-Up PJ's

When you're lounging at home during recovery, a good pair of button up PJ's (thanks, movement restrictions) helps so much.

Recommendation: Eberjey PJ Sets (short or long)


Zip-Up Compression Bras

To deal with the post-surgery movement limitations, I highly recommend a good supportive zip-up bra. Athleta has a mastectomy line, which has fantastic options.

Recommendation: Athleta Empower Daily Bra in Powervita


Breathable Sleep Bras

I sweat a LOT when sleeping after surgery. Getting a good breathable sleep bra (still offers some protection from implant flipping but isn't super compressive) has been such a game-changer for me.

Recommendation: Lunya Supportive Modal Sleep Bralette


Compression Shorts

If you have fat grafting from your abdomen, try these super comfy yet constricting compression shorts.

Recommendation: Carbon38 High Rise Biker Shorts in Cloud Compression


Comfy Leggings

Basically what I wore 24/7 after my reduction and my mastectomy when braving the world without PJ's.

Recommendation: Lululemon Align Super-High Rise Pant



For cutting gauze pads.



To ensure the wound won't get infected.


Alcohol Prep Pads

To clean the wound.


High Performance Waterproof Tape

To tape down the gauze.


Gauze Pads

To cover the wound.


Eye Mask

If you're staying in the hospital overnight or napping during the day at home, an eye mask is super helpful.

Recommendation: Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Eye Mask



It's really common to be constipated after surgery -- highly recommend grabbing a diarrhetic so this doesn't become an issue!

Recommendation: Sena Pills / Miralax / Prune Juice


Cough Drops

I'm always EXTREMELY hoarse after surgery due to the breathing tube, and sometimes it lasts a few days. Cough drops are a lifesaver, both in and out of the hospital.

Recommendation: Literally any cough drop


Heating Pad

My back hurt SO MUCH after my mastectomy. I used a heating pad almost daily for a few weeks, which helped so much.

Recommendation: Virtually any heating pad, pictured is the Sunbeam Heating Pad


Dry Shampoo

I have discovered dry shampoo throughout this journey and oh my god I'm never going back. SO helpful when you can't raise your arms / wash your hair for days/weeks.

Recommendation: Batiste Dry Shampoo


Face Wipes

Best for washing your face when you're exhausted and in bed most of the time!

Recommendation: Burt's Bees Micellar Makeup Towelettes With Coconut & Lotus


Body Wipes

Best for when you don't take a shower for a week+ because you have drains / restricted movement!

Recommendation: Goodwipes Body Wipes


Drain / Shower Pouch

When you finally are able to shower (but you still have drains), this waterproof shower pouch is helpful for holding the drains with ease.

Recommendation: TRS Post Surgical Drain Bulb Carrier Pouch


Long Phone Charger Cord

Best for when you're stuck in a chair/bed and can't move well.

Recommendation: Any 8-10ft cord for your specific phone. 


Seatbelt Protector

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST PURCHASES I HAVE MADE! So helpful for every car ride I took for weeks after my mastectomy.

Recommendation: Mastectomy Pillow Seatbelt Cushion